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Flooring For Food Courts & Restaurants
Contract & Safety Florring
False Flooring For Hi-Tech Environments
ESD Control Flooring
Ceilings For Every Space
Laminated Wood, Parquet Real Wood & Creation Wood Flooring
Flooring – A General Perspective
Multi Purpose Indoor Sports Flooring
Carpets – Tiles, Heavy-Duty Rolls & Special Luxury Carpets
Flooring For Residential, Commercial & Office
Wall Paneling, Wall Partitions, Claddings & Doors
Flooring For Industrial & Clean Rooms
Flooring For Hospital & Healthcare
Wall Coverings & Texture Wall Finish
Window Systems & Window Dressings
Interior Accessories
Flooring For Gyms, Auditoriums & Play Areas
Divine Home Modular Pooja Room Cabinet
Divine Home Modular Pooja Room Cabinet - I
Divine Home Modular Pooja Room Cabinet - II
Interior Designing & Turnkey Projects
Modular Work Stations & Office Furniture

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Interior consultancy

Wall Coverings & Texture Wall Finish

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Wall Coverings & Texture Wall Finish

Wall Paper & Wall Coverings
We offer Gratex PVF wallpapers and imported wallpapers in vinyl, jute, cane, silk, bamboo, metallic finishes, specialty kid’s wallpapers and customized posters. Our prices range from Rs.8/- to Rs.260/- per sq. ft. PVF wallpapers being made of vinyl are 100% washable, colour fast, fire retardant and moisture resistant. We offer a 2yrs guarantee on non-peeling on a dry wall surface. Good life of the product on wall is 7 to 8 yrs. PVF wallpapers also have thermal, heat and sound insulation properties. These wallpapers are ideal for hotels, hospitals, auditoriums, banquets, corporate, banks, offices and homes. Within 8 hours your room can be dressed with PVF wallpapers, without any mess, smell or hassles. So opt for the most convenient option in wall decoration, which is PVF wallpapers.

If you want to transform you home overnight then PVF wallpapers present a revolutionary concept in the wallpaper industry. The wallpaper is guaranteed for 2years and can be installed within 8 hours. It is a new kind of material, which is not just paper but high quality vinyl. “PVF” or poly vinyl foam has revolutionized wallpaper. Besides PVF wallpapers also have thermal and sound insulation properties. An air-conditioned room gets cooler much faster thereby saving on power consumption.

Mural Surface Texture
The wallpapers have a Mural Surface Texture in granules, flakes, scratches, roller coat and spray finishing to suit your specific requirements. These wallpapers are available in a stunning range of colors where the toughest part is the choice. The common features of mural surface textures are that they are aesthetic and durable, thereby providing longer protection. They have a homogenous coat and have no problem on any shape. They are weather and water resistant. They are abrasion and fire resistant too. They can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces and in multicolor combinations. They are easy to apply and the finished surface offers depth and texture. The wallpapers are Fungus, Acid and Alkali resistant. They are easily washable, can be applied on all absorbent surfaces and can also avoid hairline cracks.

Wall Photomurals
With the Wall Photomurals, you can bring the great outdoors right into your homes and offices. Now, you can accent your lives with Jiann-Lin posters, and that too without incurring great expenses. The Wall Photomurals are sure to transform dull places and give them new and exciting dimensions. They are available in a wide range of sizes like 6.3” x 8.10”, 12.4” x8.10”, 9.4” x 8.10”, 6.4” x 8.10”, 10.5” x 7.5”, 10.4” x 7.5”, 12.4” x 4.4”, 9.4” x 4.4”, 9.8” x 4.4”, 13.4” x 6.4”, 13.4” x 5.5”, 12.10” x 6.3”, 3.1 ½ “ x 7.4”.

Product Features
Capability: As per the buyer's specifications
Place of origin: India

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