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Multi Purpose Indoor Sports Flooring

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Multi Purpose Indoor Sports Flooring

LG Rexcourt – Indoor Sports Flooring
LG Rexcourt, the internationally accredited sports flooring enhances an athlete’s performance by ensuring high shock absorption, impact resistance and sliding properties. It is available in highly authentic natural wood finishes and in a wide range of solid colors.


Material: Heavy duty specialty vinyl sheet flooring with glass fiber reinforcement for indoor sports facilities.

Characteristics: Designed for sports floors where shock absorption, elasticity and sliding properties are key parameters for enhancing performance of sports persons.

Its performance characteristics are as per the DIN 18032-2 standards for competitive sports floors. Its Polyurethane coat, 100% vinyl wear layer surface provides anti microbial properties for maintaining hygienic playing conditions. Glass fiber reinforced closed cell foam backing maintains high dimensional stability and offers excellent noise reduction.

Rexcourt is much superior to conventional wooden sports flooring since moisture, dampness and termites do not affect it and it requires very low maintenance. This kind of flooring can be used in Competitive indoors sports floor, Performing arts arenas, Libraries, Food courts, Gymnasiums, etc.

EcoFlex Indoor & Outdoor Safety Flooring
Eco Flex rubber flooring tiles are made from meshed granular rubber pieces. They are environmentally friendly and are highly durable. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. They drain easily and are safe to walk on in heavy rains. They are non-skid and have anti-slip properties. These tiles are widely used in Europe and in S.E. Asia. Law in the U.S, on playgrounds, requires it. Their impact absorption prevents accidents and injuries. They are soft and resilient, thus comfortable for toddlers. These tiles are highly durable and withstand all types of footwear, including spiked shoes. It can also be used in driveways/car parks. They will not be damaged by sunlight or heavy rains. The tiles are resistant to petrol, oil, solvent and acid. Since they are sound absorbent, they contribute to reducing noise levels too.

This type of flooring is widely used in Water parks, Gymnasiums, Garden paths, Factory shop floors, Footpaths, Poolsides, Playgrounds, Golf courses, Buildings, etc.

Flora Rubber Flooring- Safety & Heavy Duty Antiskid Flooring
Flora Rubber Flooring tiles are press molded, calendared rubber tiles, which are vulcanized and stabilized and are available with the following features. The material composition for standard grades is Synthetic Rubber (SBR), Reinforcing Agents, Resins, Curing Agents, Antioxidants and Pigments.

The flooring has outstanding features like it is cigarette burn resistant, fire retardant, withstands heavy moving loads because of is elasticity, has good resistance to chemicals, is tough and its thickness patterning gives long life wear ability. It has an excellent dimensional stability in all temperatures. The Rubber flooring material has got a self-healing capacity, hence the general scratches are not seen easily. It has a remarkable foot fall sound absorption, with special acoustic properties, hence it is basically an acoustic flooring. The flooring has a life long resilience and it ensures high walking comfort.

The flooring comes in shapes of Round, Square, Hammer Blow and Plain. Floral prints have also been introduced recently. Flora Fleck with a terrazzo textured surface pattern and Flora Vitrea with glossy plain speckled surface pattern are two of such varieties. They are available in sizes of 602mm x 602mm IS 809/92.

Moldrup Sports Flooring – Floating Floor
This is a Danish Floor, which offers Modular Imported Flooring as per the International Standards. Moldrup specializes in sports flooring and are successful in the World arena as the sports flooring system complies with the DIN (18032 part II) German standards which is one of the most stringent of international standards.

As per the DIN specification, the company adopts two systems namely:
1. Single batten system: For Badminton and Squash
2. Double batten system: For Basketball, Volleyball, etc. and for Multipurpose Halls

Gerflor Indoor Multipurpose Sports Halls
Gerflor is the world leader in permanent multipurpose indoor sports flooring. Gerflor has been associated with Olympics for the last 30 years as ‘Taraflex’ is the flooring, which is installed in all the Olympics games. Gerflor has the approval from the entire world federations for their respective sports. “Taraflex” synthetic sports floors are designed to combine shock absorption and other safety features without compromising on performance. The pure vinyl wear layer protects the flooring’s colour and design. Protective coatings resist scratches and stains, reduce the risk of friction burns and ensure easy maintenance.

“Taraflex” flooring works out to be economical than the conventional wooden floorings as it can be laid directly on the concrete surface. The general advantages of Taraflex over wooden floorings are as follows:

1.Three layer system of Taraflex (Sport M) as against single layer system
2.Bottom layer of closed cell foam absorbs the shock of impact, protects athletes from stress injuries
3.Middle layer of Fiber Glass provides dimensional stability
4.Top layer of texturized PVC provides a safe, no slip surface with excellent resiliency and accurate rebounding
5. Safety: Freedom of movement due to PROTECSOL Treatment (special treatment) which eliminates the micro-porosity of the surface, reduces thermal heat/frictional burns on the point of contact between player’s skin and the surface, reducing skin burns and injuries, making the top layer scratch proof.
6.The cost of maintenance for this type of flooring is quite less (70% less) as compared to normal wooden flooring, as it requires only detergent and water to clean up. It does not require regular finishing as well as polishing year by year making the product totally maintenance cost free.
7.Permanent fungicidal and bacteriostatice treatment (SANOSOL Treatment) that inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.
8. 100% pure PVC. Good resistance to humidity.
9.Water-resistant: 100% pure PVC with closed cell forum that does not absorb water, no effect from water spillage, roof leaks.
10. Easy to maintain.
11. Quick and easy repair i.e., very durable.
12. Better resistance to indentation than hard floor.
13. An even surface and correct light reflectance.
14.Better elasticity to enable energy restitution for players to jump and leap further.
15.Good vibration absorption and fire retardant.

Taraflex flooring is a multipurpose sports surface that can be used for various indoor sports such as Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Badminton, Basket Ball, Volleyball and other Indoor Sports. All the Taraflex floorings are certified by preen (European Norm).

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Capability: As per the buyer's specifications
Place of origin: India

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