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ESD Control Flooring

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ESD Control Flooring

LG ESD Control Tile
Static prevention and conductive flooring conductive tile contains conductive elements of the carbon family that are randomly but precisely distributed throughout the tile to provide through-tile conductivity. The tile provides a solution to static discharges in today’s technological environments. Static prevention and conductive flooring is suitable for raised flooring.

The characteristics of LG ESD Control Tiles are that they have a permanent conductivity with conductive adhesive (104 ohm to 106 ohm) and electrical resistance with specifications from ASTM, NEPA, EN, DIN and UL. Its excellent characteristics further include chemical resistance, anti-scratch, dimensional stability and durability.

These tiles can be useful in a number of areas like in the Health care sectors, Clean rooms, Electronics manufacturing assembly, Test areas, Access or Raised floorings, Computer and electric equipment installations, Communication centers, ESD facilities, Laboratories, Explosion-hazard rooms, Control rooms, etc. A homogeneous solid vinyl tile with conductive elements is distributed throughout its entire thickness.

Wonderfloor Antistatic Flooring & ESD Flooring
Wonderfloor’s Antistatic flooring popularly known as ‘Anstat’, prevents flow of static charge into computer terminals or other electronic equipments, thus providing a shield to internal circuits, thereby preventing loss of computer memory or other malfunctioning.

Anstat is extensively used in Labs/offices/factories/Banks/computer software companies, where computers and electronic gadgets are installed and equipment meant for surgery, radiology and data processing, etc. are positioned. The vinyl abrasion layer at the top protects the antistatic layer from direct contact.

Wonderfloor’s ESD flooring is used in explosive manufacturing units, Ordnance factories, Ordnance Depots and explosive handling areas to prevent any accident due to any charge generated while handling explosive. It is also on tabletops where high precision & sensitive electronic equipment is a positioned and also highly sensitive unit where watches are manufactured.

Armstrong Conductive & Antistatic Flooring – in roll form
The Armstrong Conductive and Antistatic Flooring is a homogenous Solid Vinyl Tile with conductive carbon elements imbibed throughout the entire thickness. We providing and fix 2mm thick single layer homogenous antistatic vinyl flooring over an existing hard and dry sub floor. Damp floor shall be dried, cleaned and also should be free from grease and grit before commencing of the laying procedure. Any irregularities like cracks, breaks and unevenness must be set right with concrete, smoothing or leveling compound. A network of copper strip (foil) under the vinyl flooring with proper earthling connection shall be provided as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Technical specifications
Thickness: 2.0mm
Type of vinyl: Antistatic, Roll form
Wear layer thickness: 2.0mm
Thickness: < 0.18mm
Electrical conductivity: conforms to BS 2050-78 – 5 x 104 –108 Ohms
Thermal conductivity: 0.011m2 K/W
Colour fastness: >level 6
Chemical resistance: Good
Flexibility: Conforms to IS 3462-1986

Product Features
Capability: As per the buyer's specifications
Place of origin: India

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